School of Humanitarian Socionics

We learned from the creators and are improving the science ourselves
Are you wondering

Who we are?

School of Humanitarian Socionics was founded in 1993.
Our Founder and Leader is Doctor of Philosophy in Socionics Viktor Gulenko . We develop the ideas of the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung and Ausra Augustinavichiute.

We teach: courses, trainings, seminars, club.
We advise: business, public sector, personally.
We optimize teams, train HR-managers.
We have been successfully practicing in Ukraine and abroad for over 20 years.

What can we do?


Why are we the best?

We have created and use only reliable diagnostics

We use two types of data - digital and analog. We rely not on words, but on behavior in real-life situations and non-verbal reactions.

Improving science

Many traditional terms are incorrect. We are improving the theory and experimentally confirming our correctness.

Full understanding of the subtle structure of the psyche

We take into account all aspects of the structure of the psyche. In addition to the core - the sociotype, we work with variants of types and functional profile.

We are constantly developing

We take into account the achievements of modern psychology. Let's explore the energetic side of socion and type. We optimize working methods.

Other fundamental differences of our school

Exploring the energy of the socion

We believe that the subject of socionics is the socion, not informational metabolism. The energy side of the socion and type is no less important for us than the informational side.

Using different forecasting methods

We use both combinatorial-dichotomous (features such as extroversion vs introversion) and positional-ranking (structural model such as Model G) methods of describing and predicting socionic phenomena.

Don't use aliases in type names

We have recognizable type images, which are reflected in the minimal (by keywords) and optimal (expanded by the keywords) type profiles. The letter system of designations of psychological functions corresponding to the scientific tradition has been developed.

Not obsessed with one type model

We use different tools - model G, model of setting tasks in front of the type, functional model 3 + 1, etc.

How can we help?

We have the knowledge of socionics that can change not only your attitude towards yourself and others, but also towards everything with which you are dealing.

Diagnosing a sociotype

Individual, educational type diagnostics. Remote diagnostics of the sociotype. Consulting.

Optimizing teams

Building, debugging commands for the task. Alignment assessment. Choosing a business partner, risk forecast.

We certify personnel

HR consulting. Building well-coordinated groups, rotation schemes. Personnel resilience training.

Our team

Each of us from personal experience was convinced of the promising nature of socionics, and we believe that this science deserves much more!


Tatiana Gulenko

Ideological inspirer


Dmitry Garny

Organizer, photographer


Dmitry Pavlov

Developer, author


Alexander Dovgan

Scientist, author


Dmitry Medvedev

Editor, operator