Diagnostics of socionic type

Definition of type - the art of seeing the essence through self-conceit

Don't know your sociotype yet?

You can determine your socionic type by going through a comprehensive diagnosis by the socionist Viktor Gulenko in Kiev or remotely - diagnostics by video, for those who do not speak Russian / Ukrainian. Diagnostics of the type with us is much more effective than usual typing, you get a complete picture of your personality: sociotype, subtype.
We advise, provide professional guidance, optimize the type. Diagnostics of children from 4 years old.
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How do we determine the type?

Socionic diagnostics of personality type is only half science, the other half it refers to art. There are moments in it that, in principle, cannot be algorithmized.

We use a comprehensive method for determining the sociotype

Socionics professionals most often, when determining the sociotype of a person, use the interview method in combination with visual ...

We conduct interviews. Quick Discussion Rules

The basic rules for conducting a socionic interview in Humanitarian Socionics are as follows: at the beginning of the interview, place ...

Observing non-verbal signals to determine the type

When diagnosing a type based on non-verbal signals in socionics, there is an iron rule - never rely on only one sign ...

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Type structure

What is the socionic type? The concept of sociotype in socionics

What is the socionic type? The concept of sociotype in socionics