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Humanitarian socionics can change not only your attitude towards yourself and those around you, but also help you achieve success in your affairs, put things in order in relationships.

For business

Optimizing Teams

Build and debug commands for your task. Alignment assessment. Choosing a business partner, risk forecast.


Skills and Business trainings. Increasing production efficiency, team building, time management.

Personnel certification

HR consulting. Building well-coordinated groups, rotation schemes. Resilience training.

HR training

Modernization of any HR services. Training in the basics of socio-diagnostics, counseling.

For a person

Type definition + subtype (personality diagnostics)

We define not only the type, but also the subtype, accentuation. + Consultation.
In Kiev or remotely via Skype .

Determining the type of children

Determination of the type of a child (from 4 years old). Consultation on choosing a training system, overcoming crises, and peculiarities of development.

Optimizing your personality type

Recommendations of the socionist V.Gulenko on the optimization of the personality type, correction, "pumping" functions for the task.

Diagnostic for english speakers (type, subtype)

How? Viktor Hulenko could diagnose your type and subtype by your video interwiew. Contact us!

Socionics courses in Kiev

Face-to-face courses in Humanitarian Socionics. Theory and practice. Group work. Diagnostic interviews.

Online courses (via Skype)

Theory and practice of Humanitarian Socionics. Secrets of diagnostics, type optimization, team building.

Professional counseling

Advice on correct choice or change of profession according to the strong functions of the sociotype.

Optimizing relationships

Family counseling. Debugging relationships at work. Prospects, scenarios for the development of relations.

Remote online, in-person in Kiev

Socionics training

Socionics lectures

Workshops and lectures for a wide variety of audiences. It is possible to conduct online lectures on socionics.
Themes are chosen by the customer. Minimum: 6 participants.

HR manager training

Training of specialists of any personnel services.
Teaching the secrets of quick and accurate identification of the personality type (diagnostics) in socionics, professional counseling.

Socionics courses online and full-time in Kiev

Full-time education - at the socionics courses in Kiev.
Remote learning - online socionics courses.
Training programs. It is possible to study only 1 block.

Trainings and Seminars

We conduct educational seminars and trainings on socionics for both executives, top managers, and students.
Departures to other cities and countries are possible.

Our activity in numbers

The entire effectiveness of our actions is difficult to quantify and express in concrete numbers, especially if we take into account the benefits of our clients.
But some figures, nevertheless, can be distinguished.


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more than 500

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