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Identity relations - intertype relations in Humanitarian Socionics

In an identical relationship between partners, there is a complete understanding, but not the ability to help each other. Identical personality types look at the world with very similar eyes, comprehend incoming information in a similar way, make almost the same conclusions, and also face the same problems. Seeing this, everyone has sympathy for the other. You want to support your partner, justify them in one way or another, because you feel that in this situation you would have done the same. On the other hand, identical communication quickly gets boring. Without receiving new information from a partner, you see the futility of such communication. An uninformative partner seems boring, uninteresting. In identical relations, either neutral or cool relations are established over time. This is not surprising, because after the exchange of information, it is no longer interesting to discuss it, knowing in advance that you can come to the same conclusions yourself.

The exception is the case of a large difference in experience or knowledge. Then there may be a great interest and attraction to each other, as there is a fast and effective training - transfer of information. An identical relationship is ideal for a teacher-student pair. Joint work in this case is also effective, as there is a combination of forces in one direction.

There is something that should be said about the influence of subtypes on identical relationships. With matching subtypes, communication is much more pleasant and easy. When the subtypes do not match, the partners look at each other with some distrust. It seems that this person is over-zealous, overreacting.

Identical relationships are of great educational value, as they allow you to look at yourself from the outside, objectively assess your advantages and disadvantages. And looking at yourself from the outside is not always a pleasant thing. Even your own voice, recorded on a tape recorder, and then listened to, can seem much worse than you imagined. Identical relationships help to develop an adequate (correct) self-esteem.


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