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Humanitarian Socionics


Technical-managerial orientation

This activity orientation is set by the following attributes: logic, sensorics, aristocracy. Technical-managerial orientation is most effective in the field of material production.

The orientation includes sensory-logical and logical-sensory sociotypes, which are most useful in formal management structures, as well as in the field of technology and material production.

Heavy managers (sociotypes Marshal and Inspector) specialize in power ("manual") and centralized management. They feel comfortable in extreme situations and show a tendency to use forceful methods.

Light managers (sociotypes Craftsman and Administrator) specialize in geographically distributed and autonomous management. They are much less stress-resistant and feel worse in command-hierarchical systems.

Managers show firmness and organization at work, realistic views, and actions. They dismiss all sorts of fantasies and bold projects without regret. They cannot stand smart blabbermouths who, instead of working, talk in terms of what-ifs.

Manager’s realism is complemented by their distinct pragmatism. A real manager will never take on a task if it does not guarantee a significant return. Moreover, they constantly compare what is more profitable and what is less. Managers are usually interested in what is substantive and physically tangible. As a rule, these things include technology, active recreation, and sports.

The weakest ability of managers is in the humanitarian field. They do not delve into emotions and relationships of other people.


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