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Personality type Mediator (ISFP, Dumas, SEI) - problems, tips, recommendations of socionics

Your strong point is the ability to choose an activity to your liking, which gives you joy, pleasure, and pleasant sensations. You are an indispensable person for organizing leisure and recreation in the circle of your loved ones. Delicious food, beautiful dishes, interior decoration, as well as a warm, relaxed atmosphere of communication - this is the scope of your creativity. You know how to get joy out of life, give it to others. You prefer a beautiful natural landscape that is in tune with the inner state of your soul to active types of recreation.

What are you good at? Personality type Mediator (ISFP, Dumas, Sensory-ethical introvert)

You are a peaceful and diplomatic person. Therefore, you know how to avoid quarrels and conflicts. You are tolerant of other people's shortcomings, soft and pleasant in communication, and do not like to put rude pressure on people. Your behavior tends to evoke pleasant emotions in people. You have a good sense of humor, a cheerful and easy temper. You know how to turn a conflict into a joke.

Problems and tips of socionics. Personality type Mediator (ISFP, Dumas, Sensory-ethical introvert)

Your main problem is the lack of constant performance, inability and unwillingness to force yourself to do uninteresting, hard, but necessary work. You do not like the official environment, prefer to negotiate privately, using proven connections. Develop a more active lifestyle. Follow the formula: "Now that business is finished, we party."

Think more about the interests of other people, help them with deeds, not words. Make sure that personal interests coincide with common concerns, the interests of a common cause.

Follow the formula: "Now that business is finished, we party." Be consistent in your decisions, plan more.

Socionics tips. Personality type Mediator (ISFP, Dumas, Sensory-ethical introvert)

Overcome inertia in yourself, do not be afraid to spend your energy on socially useful things, do not promise momentary returns or benefits. Then people will treat you with great respect, and will respect you as a business, reliable partner.

Another of your problems is a lack of foresight. You are not always able to correctly assess the long-term prospects of today's endeavors, so you too often take a wait-and-see attitude, focusing only on the near guaranteed return. In this case, you risk winning in the small game, but you miss out on the big chances. On the other hand, be careful in your promises, do not give out wishful thinking.

What else does socionics advise you? Personality type Mediator (ISFP, Dumas, Sensory-ethical introvert)

Do not overestimate the possibilities of the business you are engaged in, do not try to over-advertise and praise it, otherwise you may be taken for a frivolous person. Avoid excessive self-promotion. Be consistent in your decisions, plan more, and don't limit yourself to flair and improvisation. Bring the things you started to the end, so as not to let yourself and others down.



27.07.2021 03:41
Многие годы (с тех пор, как впервые в мои руки попала книжка по соционике) думала, что я Габен, Сенсорно-логический интроверт, притворяющийся Максимом Горьким, Логико-сенсорным интровертом. Но на данном этапе жизни склонна себя относить к Дюме, Сенсорно-этичекому интроверту, пытающемуся соответствовать Габэну. А все потому, что у меня хорошо получалась в школе математика... Да здравствует озарение!


23.07.2021 20:12
аааа это прям яя, я так рада что наконец могу понять что со мной не так и почему я не такая как другие, большое спасибо за советы для решения проблем !!


29.02.2020 12:45
И всё же... Как в воду гляжу. Кошмар конечно, но действительно проблемы то есть,а решать их...


17.02.2020 00:05
Наверное я какая-то неправильная Дюма, не вижу конкретной помощи и советов в статье :(
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