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Personality type Guardian (ISFJ, Dreiser, ESI) - problems, tips, recommendations of socionics

Your strong point is the ability to give a fair moral assessment of a person's actions. You are intolerant of the manifestations of evil and injustice in the relations between people. You know how to appreciate a sense of duty and moral principles. You are demanding of yourself and others in matters of morality. You know how to gain confidence in a person by delving into their problems, finding an interesting topic of conversation for them. You try to understand the person, listen to him, help him with advice. You are rarely wrong in your assessment of other people's attitudes towards you.

What are you good at? Personality type Guardian (ISFJ, Dreiser, Ethical-sensory introvert)

You are a collected, strong-willed and determined person, if necessary, you can stand up for yourself and your loved ones. You are a selfless worker who spares no effort to maintain cleanliness and order in your home and at work.

You are moving towards your goal persistently and consistently. You are direct and uncompromising in defending your views and criticizing shortcomings. For your integrity, firmness and seriousness, you are respected and appreciated by people.

Problems and tips of socionics. Personality type Guardian (ISFJ, Dreiser, Ethical-sensory introvert)

In life, you have to face the need to avoid uncertain, incomprehensible situations. In such situations, it can be difficult for you to show self-control and patience. You do not like to wait long for the solution of an important issue for you — it is very important for you to ensure a favorable outcome of your case in a short time.

Meet the interests of people so that they will be willing to help you in the implementation of your plans, but do not require them to show those traits that are not inherent in them by nature. Be more tolerant of the strengths and weaknesses of the people around you.

Strive to liberate your consciousness, get rid of the stereotypes of thinking, encourage creative imagination.

Socionics tips. Personality type Guardian (ISFJ, Dreiser, Ethical-sensory introvert)

You also have a hard time understanding the hidden causes of phenomena. To avoid hasty conclusions and decisions, do not neglect the advice of experienced, insightful people.

Strive to liberate your consciousness, get rid of the stereotypes of thinking, encourage creative imagination. Read more of the diverse literature on various branches of knowledge. This will help you develop the skills of a holistic view of the world.

Don't be too self-contained, contact a lot of people. This will give you more confidence in your abilities.

Your other problem is your inability to create a relaxed atmosphere in communicating with people. At work, in a team, you prefer individual work. The presence of a large number of people tires you out. Do not focus on communicating only with the right people, so as not to cause a false impression of yourself as a calculating person.

What else does socionics advise you? Personality type Guardian (ISFJ, Dreiser, Ethical-sensory introvert)

Be natural in the expression of your emotions, overcome your inner stiffness. Avoid two extremes: excessive formality, on the one hand, and debauchery, on the other. Try not to look at the other person directly, as this confuses many people.

Smile at people more often, show your affection for them. Remember that with a smile and a kind word, you can relieve tension, set the distance you need in communication; thus, you will endear people to return the courtesy.


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