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Linear-assertive temperament in socionics

Carriers of the linear-assertive temperament are recognized in the socion by the greatest energy directed in a linear fashion.

The mode of operation of the linear-assertive type. These types are characterized by a constant high activity, evenly distributed over time. Only when they are completely exhausted do they "fall down and lie motionless."

Emotionality of the linear-assertive type. These types are characterized by short tempers that can quickly flare up. If such a person starts their temper tantrum, it is best to let them finish expressing their complaints fully.

Conflict. In a conflict situation, these types usually apply a lot of pressure, escalate confrontation until they reach their goals. They are quite uncompromising.

Attention of the linear-assertive type. These types can do several parallel tasks that require attention and active intervention at the same time.

Visible signs of the linear-assertive types. Grand sweeping gestures.



12.11.2021 23:30
Хорошо если бы вы в статье перечисляли носителей этих типов, чтобы сразу было ясно, если кто не знает или забыли
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