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Aristocrats and Democrats in Socionics

The aristocrats are representatives of the Beta and Delta quadras. For these types, the predominance of vertical communication over horizontal communication is indicative. In vertical communication relationships, there is always a hierarchical inequality: boss-subordinate, senior-junior, friend – foe, etc. Such communication will inevitably include subordination. A person in the aristocratic quadras is evaluated first by their communication status relative to who is evaluating (according to my level or not?), and then by the rest of the criteria.

The degree of expression of aristocracy, understood in the broad sense as subordination, is different in the two aristocratic quadras. The second quadra consists of more pronounced aristocrats than the fourth. The aristocracy of the second quadra is rigid and not concealed. This is always a division into servants and masters, talents and mediocrity, friends and enemies, which inevitably leads to a caste social structure during the second quadra-lead periods.

In the fourth quadra, there are no such social contrasts, and therefore their aristocracy is smoothed out. However, the types of this quadra are also guided by the principle of "mine-other" when evaluating people. Do others live by the same laws as we do? Doubts about the optimality of their priorities, as a rule, do not arise. In this case, the image of the enemy, as in the second quadra, is not formed, but behaving in an uncivilized way or simply intellectually undeveloped individuals are placed in the category of second-rate individuals.

For the aristocratic quadras, time flows linearly, not cyclically. They are able to clearly separate the past from the future. The second quadra is directed to the future; it is like an arrow shot through time. The past is not valuable for the second. On the contrary, it always has a negative connotation. In the best case, it is declared that it is necessary to take the most valuable thing from it and move on. It is the second quadra that produces the ideas of "ideal" states of the future and tries to make all of humanity happy by construction of them.

The fourth quadra is more focused on the past, which usually has a positive image of established traditions, which should not be changed, but observed. The types of the fourth quadra are opposed to all kinds of social experiments. Anyway, due to the linear perception of time in these quadras, there is no repetition of events, no running in place. During the period of the aristocratic quadras, there is no prolonged stagnations.

The Democrats are representatives of the Alpha and Gamma quadras.

In these quadras, the principle of horizontal communication reigns, that is, communication on equal terms where there are no leaders and led, no best or worst. The communication partner is placed side by side, rather than above or below. Accordingly, there are no attributes of subordination characteristic of aristocrats in the democratic quadras. Instead of organizing from the power of a higher center, the Democrats organize coordination between the subjects of the same level. Hierarchical power in the periods of democratic quadras does not confer special privileges.

In the third quadra democracy is more pronounced as the principle of organizing public life than in the first. The third is the most changeable quadra, which is committed to representative forms of government, permanent elections and re-elections. During the third quadra, many dozens and even hundreds of different parties are formed, which enter into temporary coalitions. Interpersonal contacts are as informal as possible, and titles have very little weight.

The first quadra is not as democratic. Although horizontal communication is a matter of course for the first quadra, sometimes the excessive familiarity of the third quadra shocks it. In the first quadra, there is no such individualism; democracy is not used in it to emphasize its deviations from the social norm. In the first quadra, there is no struggle of oppressed minorities for their rights for the simple reason that no one infringes on them, and such minorities are not formed with their harmonious way of life. Democracy is understood by the first quadra as a reasonable adherence to the laws of nature.

Democratic quadras do not live in linear time, but in circular (cyclic) time. The third quadra has a distinctly undulating rhythm of ups and downs that is almost impossible to predict. Therefore, the types of the third quadra are focused on the current moment. The traditions of the past are of little importance to them, and they are only concerned about the very near future. The stagnation of life in the third quadra alternates with turbulent reformation periods, just as its economy is dominated by the market element of supply and demand.

During the first quadra, time seems to stop altogether. This is the quadra of homeostasis - the dynamic balance of society with its environment. Violent clashes do not occur, and life proceeds calmly and harmoniously. The first quadra exists outside of time as one large family, in which one generation takes the place of another, reproducing the worked-out way of life almost unchanged. Being in such a "cocoon" is very comfortable, but at the same time dangerous: any aggression from the outside quickly destroys it.



10.02.2024 02:50
"Первая квадра не столь демократична. Хотя горизонтальное общение для неё является делом само собой разумеющимся, но порой переходящая границы фамильярность третьей квадры её шокирует." Почему первая квадра не столь демократична? Фамильярность третьей квадры? Не встречалась мне там это особо, скорее наоборот очень вежливая квадра, сравнить с 4й сложновато из-за малого их количества и 4ая квадра аристократична, там по другому может проявляться вежливость. А так, 3я квадра вежлива и фамильярства от них не замечалось, даже!в близком кругу своих квадралов- всегда какая-то непонятная вежливая дистанция есть...когда люди знают друг друга уже хорошо и не один год, всё равно. Наверно, это как охрана своей личности...

Те Амо

08.10.2022 17:44
Гексли - соционические демократы #я_всё_сказал


12.01.2021 15:06
Очень интересно ! Вопрос. •Как воспрнимается аристократом- Достоевским поведение и попытка аристократа-Есенина вести себя на манер демократов ? •Как видит Достоевский такое поведение? •Сбивает ли оно с толку Достоевского, вызывает ли осторожность? •И видит ли Достоевский этот диссонанс между аристократическим происхождением Есенина и его демократическим поведением не соответствующим аристократии ? Или же видя демократич.поведение Есенина у Достоевского возникают сомнения в принадлежности этого человека к аристократии ?


07.08.2020 23:25

Саша Пушкин

10.06.2020 07:27
Ощастливить? Вы серьезно???
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