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Functional state T - intuition of time

Intuition of time (T): imagination, memories, predictions; suggestion, hypnosis, visions, symbolism; reflection, premonitions, omens; nervous system.

The state of T at the intellectual level forms the most abstract type of thinking, which reflects the global processes found in the external world and which are caused by time. The law of entropy – the steady shift from more organized life forms to more chaotic simple ones – is at the heart of T-thinking. Birth, becoming, death, and rebirth in other forms – this kind of information is being processed in the human brain while in this state.

If in the I-state a person obtains knowledge from within themselves, from their subconscious psychic layers, then in the T-state information comes from outside – from the "Cosmos". Intuition of time thinking occurs through dynamic visual forms. Eyes go up and flutter a little, as if trying to follow the movement of the perceived image.

A stable expression of the T-state in a society leads to the informal role of a "mirror". In the T-state, a person can predict the entire socio-psychological dynamic of a team. A person turns into a sensitive sensor of any changes within a team. Like a drop of water, the person reflects all the bad and good that was, is and will be in this group of people. In the T-state, a person combines within two contradictory roles of being a "prophet", and at the same time being a victim who will be blamed for the group’s failures.

In psychological terms, the T-state is experienced as feeling victimized (or sacrificed). This state is the most religiously colored, as it desires for freedom from everything earthly and carnal, anything that binds the spirit. In the state of T, a person is drawn to the mysterious, otherworldly, and transcendental. In its extreme expression, the T-state leads to hallucinations, the appearance of various mystical visions. A person with a persistent T-state is most susceptible to hypnosis. Another manifestation of the intuition of time is feeling vulnerable to fate, lacking free will, existing at the behest of higher powers.

One of the most important signs of a T-state is the loss of body sensations. In the T-state, a person feels neither pain nor carnal pleasure. The lifelessness of the body manifests itself in its fragility, paleness, and inner emptiness. The T-state is expressed through posture of humility: hunched shoulders, retracted or, conversely, elongated neck, tilted or raised head, general bending of the body. The movements in this state are uniformly slow and smooth. It feels like a waking dream. The eyes of a person in the T-state are very sad, they seem to reflect dim and mysterious "moonlight".



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Privet! my name is dimitri, i am Dj


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Нащо цей мертвий стан ? А свідомість тут теж не робить ?


23.02.2018 18:25
As an Ni user and believer of instincts: is anywhere in socionics specific information on sexual preferences or/and disorders related to the plus(+) and minus(-) variants of the 8 functions apart from the simple caring-infantile & aggressor-victim (what is a great way to start with). I mean as examples: is Ni- more inclined towards SM but not Ni+ and Te+ more towards prostitution whereas Te- the opposite, aso. And even inside the groups huge differences show up: caretaking alphas like chinese just seem fun, caretaking deltas like mid-nothern europeans have huuuge pedophily issues. Medical detectives reflect gammas being murderous in relationships for monetary reasons (deltas as well) and betas out of passion. Would be nice if there was more out there about these instinctual inclinations which to me seem less prone to upraising or other behaviour alternating influences, I would even, apart from prefered food rewards, quote it the most objective reflection of the real underlying t


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Интересно, жертвенность действительно видна из далека
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