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Functional state F - power sensing

Power sensorics (F): reflexes, instincts; coercion or resistance; mobilization, self-confidence; muscular system.

Intellectually, the state of F is an instinctual understanding of the strengths and weaknesses. Thinking in this state is extremely concrete, grounded, and objectified. It is necessarily accompanied by the muscle sensations. The F-thinking is compared to "probing" or "weighing" an object. The F-thinking is nonverbal – it does not use words. A person engaged in F-thinking looks down at the ground as if listening to their bodies.

In the society, a person with a persistent state of F claims the power center of the group. They intervene in the course of the group's activities whenever they feel it is necessary to speed things up or to slow them down, or even to change the direction entirely. The F-type can be compared to an orchestra conductor who controls the group with a single wave of the hand, a turn of the head, or a change in the body position. They usually do not seek to stand in front of the group, ie. to officially lead it. Therefore, another name for the F-role in a society is an informal (shadow) leader.

Psychologically, the F-state feels like a complete self-confidence. Any doubts, past experiences, reflections are impossible in this state. It is a sense of ownership, no matter where the person is. It is an attitude to win at any cost. It is a strong nervous system and self-control. It is a quick mobilization of forces, allowing one to strike or repel a blow at a moment’s notice.

On a physical level, the F-state requires a massive, full body. There are not many movements, but they are all made confidently, in one sweeping motion without pauses. Static posture of a person standing firmly with both feet on the ground. The gaze is sharp, intense, and heavy. This gaze weighs and evaluates the balance of power. Despite heavy inertia, the body is easy to rotate: the state of F is very maneuverable – the body easily turns in any direction, quickly reacting to the situation at the front, the back, and the sides.



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А как она била би со знаками

Анастасия (админ)

19.04.2019 11:40
Алексей, S - это функция ощущения эстетики и комфорта. А комфорт - это избегание конкуренции, силовых действий и прочих проявлений силы, присущих функции F (силовой сенсорике). Подробнее о функции S можно узнать здесь -


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Описание , мягко говоря неточное, перепутано с функциональным состоянием S, как и большинство описаний от других авторов, пудрит людям мозги, исправьте пожалуйста.
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