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Signs of Reinin in socionics. Individual, quadral, and dyadic features

Individual features in socionics: Signs of Reinin

Extroversion/Introversion. Signs of Reinin
Extroversion — extroverts are focused on the outside world, on objects and their qualities.
Introversion - introverts are focused on the relationship between themselves and the outside world, as well as between objects.
Note. The extraversion / introversion attribute may depend on the rationality / irrationality attribute. Irrationals sometimes show signs of extraversion, rationals — signs of introversion.

Logic / Ethics. Signs of Reinin
Logic — logicians evaluate the world in terms of rules, logical connections.
Ethics - ethics evaluate the world in terms of feelings, emotions, experiences of their own and other people.

Sensority / Intuition. Signs of Reinin
Sensorics - sensorics perceive the material part of the world — taste, color, size, etc. Such information is perceived more slowly, but it is well absorbed and stored by them. With age, sensorics become more experienced, "adults".
Intuition - intuits perceive the intangible part of the world better. The perception of information is so fast that it is not even realized, but such information may not stay long in the mind.

Static / Dynamics. Signs of Reinin
Statics - statics perceive reality as a set of static images (slides) that may not be connected by a continuous stream of changes.
Dynamics-dynamics perceive reality as a sequence of events.

Positivism / Negativism. Signs of Reinin
Positivism - positivists, assessing the situation, highlight the qualities that are present in it. For example: "The weather is good, the sky is clear."
Negativism — negativists, when assessing a situation, highlight those qualities that are absent in it. For example: "Not bad weather, not a cloud in the sky."
Note. Psychologists advise you to avoid using the particle "not" in your speech, for example, when planning any change in your life, it is recommended not to list those factors that you would not like to see in the future, but only those that are desirable. For this reason, sometimes negativists watch their speech and carefully avoid negative language. Therefore, it is not always possible to conclude that a person is a positivist if he does not show signs of negativism.

Questimity / Declatimity. Signs of Reinin
Questimity — questims in conversation are prone to dialogue. Questim's speech is "multi-tonal", interspersed with interrogative and affirmative intonations. When they talk about something, they can ask questions and answer them themselves. They tend to answer a question with a question.
Declatimity — declatims are prone to monologue. Their speech usually sounds in the same key.
Note. Vertness affects the manifestation of the questimity / declatimity trait. Introversion increases questimity, extroversion increases declatimity.

Tactics / Strategy. Signs of Reinin
Tactics — for the tactician, the path, the movement, the sequence of his steps and actions is important, while the goal is set unconsciously and can be adjusted.
Strategy — for the strategist, the goal is important, the desired state. At the same time, the path to achieving it is chosen unconsciously and can change.

Constructivism / Emotivism. Signs of Reinin
Constructivism — constructivists receive factual information from the outside world. When communicating with a person, they try to avoid "emotional adjustment" to their condition. In order to experience any emotions, they tend to return to the event or place where they were caused, for example, they may reread the same book several times.
Emotivism — emotivists strive to get new emotional impressions from the outside world. When communicating with a person, they try to put him in the right emotional state, or adjust themselves to the state of the interlocutor.

Dyadic features in socionics:

Rationality / Irrationality. Signs of Reinin
Rationality — rationals perceive the world according to a developed behavioral scenarios. They need to be rocked, they have difficulty reacting to a suddenly changed situation, trying in this case first to assess it, and then to perceive it.
Irrationality — irrationals perceive the external world directly, without prior assessment. They are easy to navigate and adapt to the changing environment.

Process / Result (Right — Left). Signs of Reinin
Process (right) - these people are not aware of themselves separately from the process, they strive to carry out each process from beginning to end without interruption. They focus their attention as much as possible on the process, hardly disconnect from it, and hardly get involved in the interrupted process.
Result (left) - easily do several things at the same time, switching from one to the other. It is difficult for them to assess how successful the process is, so they tend to sum up intermediate results.

Compliance / Stubbornness. Signs of Reinin
Compliance — the compliant, realizing their interests, objectively assess all the resources necessary for this, and in case of lack of resources, they can give up some part of their interests. In joint cases, they can "give a head start" to the partner, consider counter-proposals.
Stubbornness-stubborn people seek any possible resources to realize their interests and intentions.

Carelessness — Foresight. Signs of Reinin
Carelessness — when getting into or planning a new situation, use only the information that is present in this situation, not relying on their own experience. They believe that it is impossible to foresee everything.
Foresight — in a new situation, the prudent prefer to use all their experience, including those that are not related to a specific situation. They try to anticipate the situation in advance.

Quadral features in socionics:

Democracy — Aristocracy. Signs of Reinin
Democratism — democrats perceive a person through his individual qualities. The attitude of a Democrat to a person is not based on his belonging to any group.
Aristocracy — aristocrats perceive a person as a representative of a group or class. They often use such expressions as "typical representative", "they are all like that", etc.

Peripheral — Central. Signs of Reinin
Peripheral — for peripheral people, the normal state is relaxation. They are mobilized to perform a task immediately at the beginning of the task. They sometimes find it difficult to mobilize without an external stimulus. The most important stage of any activity is considered to be the process of thinking and discussing it. Peripheral people value physical conditions and comfort in their work, and may refuse to perform some work if these conditions are not at a level that satisfies them.
Central — are always in a state of mobilization, the most important stage is considered the moment of making a decision. At the end of an activity, it can be difficult for them to relax without the participation of other people or some additional incentives, such as a party on the occasion of the end of it. They appreciate the result in their work and can sacrifice convenience and comfort for this.

Ascending-Descending. Signs of Rainin
Ascending — in their judgments, ascending people rely on the fact that in any situation there is no single correct solution, they tend to conduct an additional "reconciliation of concepts", assuming that different people understand different things by the same word. Ascending people can quickly close the psychological distance, bypassing the gradual stages of developing closer ties: acquaintance, exchange of information about each other.
Descending - Descending presupposes the presence of general objective laws that do not depend on subjective opinions. To reduce the psychological distance, they need to know the name of the person or some other information that characterizes them.



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