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Second Quadra (Beta) - types, values, mission of the quadra in socionics

Quadra representatives: the types are Mentor (EIE), Marshal (SLE), Inspector (LSI) and Lyricist (IEI).

The Beta quadra, the central collectivist quadra, is characterized by public (state) ownership combined with authoritarian power. This combination allows you to connect and hold large territories under a single management for a long time.

Socio-economic aspect. Second Quadra (Beta) — values, the mission of the quadra. Humanitarian socionics

The norm for the Beta Quadra is a mobilization economy built on the concentration of all material, information, and human resources in one hand. It really is justified where extreme situations arise. The economic finale of this way of life is reduced to a simple formula: there is a lot of money, but not enough goods.

In Beta, a strict hierarchy of lords and vassals is necessarily maintained, or, in modern terms, a rigid management vertical. The first detailed justification of the necessity and the main functions of the state from the Beta point of view is found in the famous Leviathan by T. Hobbes. The philosopher argues that the state, like the sea monster Leviathan, should cause fear and awe among its subjects.

Beta types are thus the most pronounced and consistent statesmen. However, the forms of statehood are evolving. With time, military-vassal relations are replaced by the institution of bureaucracy - the device of the Beta quadra at a late stage of its development, when the transition to Gamma quadra is already taking place.

Beta Quadra can rightfully be considered the quadra of turmoil and revolutions. Only Beta works effectively in extreme crisis conditions, without losing cohesion and organization. English, French, American, and any other revolution was made by Quadra Beta, and no other. I have come to the conclusion that inclusion of J. Washington, M. Robespierre, Cromwell, and others, who are "fiery" revolutionaries, to the Alpha quadra means not to know the socionics of life (the behavior of sociotypes in a real environment).

The phenomenon of nationalism is directly related to the Beta quadra. Nationalism flourishes when one ethnic part of the population imposes alien values on another part of the population in the conditions of an undemocratic state. The leaders of an oppressed nation (these are, as a rule, the sociotypes of EIE and LSI) take the path of separatism. The slogan they carry out in life is: one nation - one state. Therefore, when the power is in their hands, other ethnic minorities are denied the right of sovereignty. Quadra Beta stands for unitarianism.

However, it is wrong to think that the second quadra cannot exist without despotism. The ideal of government in the Second Quadra is the enlightened monarch. According to Plato, the state should be ruled by philosophers. In ancient times, this ideal was embodied in Marcus Aurelius, who was not only a successful emperor, but also a talented philosopher.

Spiritual and psychological aspect. Second Quadra (Beta) values, the mission of the quadra. Humanitarian socionics

Values of the types of the Second Quadra: Romantic-power

In the Quadra Beta, the most quarrelsome types of people are concentrated. To keep them together, you need a strong patriarchal family, consisting of several generations living under one roof, guided by the firm hand of its head. This is the natural organization of family life for beta people from the lower classes. For the upper class, historically, there was another option. In aristocratic circles, it was customary to give the born children to a wet nurse, and then send them to closed boarding houses or boarding schools. Thus, the necessary psychological distance was maintained.

Quadra Beta is characterized by maximum collectivism, which is supported by the image of the enemy. This image is formed from the initially clear juxtaposition of we vs. them. A single religion and ideology serve as a reliable means of cementing the beta society. Any dissent is perceived as undermining the foundations, and therefore is suppressed in one way or another.

Only in the Second Quadra does romanticism look psychologically reliable. On Beta, the triangle of characters in any romantic work is built (the rivalry between two men-one worthy, and the other not-for a woman). Beautiful young heroes either die or they win and get married. But a quiet family life is not for them to taste. The fate of heroes and sufferers is the struggle. Therefore, if the author writes a continuation of their story, then he must come up with some kind of aggravation in the form of a sudden threat coming from the side or from within (betrayal). In any case, he will not be able to do without the image of the enemy.

Other respected values of the Beta Quadra are heroism and selflessness. It can rightly be called the quadra of passionaries. A passionary, according to L. Gumilyov, is a person who is able to sacrifice a lot, including his own life, in the name of fighting for an idea. Quadra Beta is the main supplier of selfless fighters and fanatics of any kind.

One of the most favorite slogans of the Beta Quadra is justice. History knows many mass movements under this slogan, ranging from slave uprisings and peasant wars to modern political populism. They are invariably accompanied by equalizing sentiments associated with the forced redistribution of property.

Quadra Beta uses Spartan lifestyle to strengthen its ideals, involving asceticism, constant training both physicaly and spiritually, and also forced collectivism. Such an organization of society gives extraordinary stability through time. A good historical example is Sparta, which existed for about five centuries.

When Beta indulges in relaxation or lives in luxury and effeminacy, this is already a harbinger of its imminent decline. It is not for nothing that the model of increasing tension is exploited by the founders of totalitarian spiritual and religious sects of various kinds. Based on the analysis of quadral values, charismatic leaders and spiritual teachers always come from the second Quadra. So, quadra Beta, sacrificing the personal to the public, adheres to the orientation of “others” in the sense of large groups. It is in this sense that it should be put in the first place as the most socially influential quadra. It most fully embodies the ideological system that is commonly called Eastern values.



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