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The Fourth Quadra (Delta) — types, values, mission of the quadra in socionics

Quadra representatives: the types are Administrator (LSE), Craftsman (SLI), Advisor (IEE) and Humanist (EII)

Quadra Delta somewhat resembles Beta in its commitment to public ownership. However, property becomes moderate in terms of the degree of socialization; not of the state, but of the corporate. It is managed geographically, but not departmentally. With the passage of time, the Delta naturally forms into a society of self-governing territories with relatively small sizes.

Socio-economic aspect. Fourth quadra (Delta) values, the mission of the quadra. Humanitarian socionics

Quadra Delta has its own managers; these are the types of Administrator (LSE) and Craftsman (SLI). They do not manage them in a departmental and centralized manner, but rather by location, taking into account regional specifics. If local self-government is placed in the hands of the second quadra, then there will inevitably be feudal fragmentation, ignoring the central laws, leading to separatism. Territorial self-government that is safe for the integrity of the state is a function of the fourth quadra.

Thus, there is a certain contradiction between the departmental principle of Beta management and the territorial principle of Delta. There are people who intuitively understand how to administratively resolve the conflict between Beta and Gamma values. In this context, A. Solzhenitsyn’s struggle for the revival of the “zemstvos” (local or provincial elected councils) is taking place: the beginnings of Delta Quadra in the Russian life of the 19th century.

Since I refer to this Russian writer as an EIE, I may be questioned: how can a Beta representative advocate for Delta? This is not surprising. The values of one's own quadra lie in the realm of the unconscious. And what is declared consciously is largely a matter of the free will of the person himself.

The power in the Delta belongs to the elders: experienced people who have earned appreciation for their many years of activity. For this form of government, the term meritocracy is adopted. But there is also a negative side of it - gerontocracy. A clear example of the gerontocracy - the Kremlin elders who ruled the Soviet Union after N. Khrushchev - has not yet been erased in the memory of my generation. But this is the Delta in Beta, so this is just the last stage in the evolution of power in a totalitarian state.

If the term consumer society is suitable for the Gamma society as a key characteristic, then for the Delta such a concept will be an ecological society. The main part of the population of such a society will not live in a city or a village, but in a suburb, urban-type settlement, etc. In an ecological society, a person does not behave as a ruler of nature, but as a necessary element of the biogeocenosis.

Spiritual and psychological aspect. Fourth quadra (Delta) — values, the mission of the quadra. Humanitarian socionics

Values of the types of the Fourth Quadra: Human-labor

Its cornerstone is real, and not declarative humanism. What is behind this concept is revealed by comparing the Beta type of Mentor with the Delta type of Humanist. The Mentor preaches universal moral principles with the word (remember the gospel of John: in the beginning was the word…), but in practice he often violates them. A Humanist is unlikely to make a successful public preacher, since nature has not endowed him with eloquence. But in everyday affairs, it is closer than any other sociotype to the categorical imperative: act in relation to your neighbor as you would like him to act in relation to you.

In the Delta Quadra, there is no scientific mindset that prevailed in the industrial stage. The reliance on science as the driving force of social progress is gone; the hopes are placed on the moral sense of the person himself. Delta will be completely different from the world of robots, clones, mutants, and similar science fiction products that are stuffed in American Gamma-films about the future. The flow of scientific discoveries will dry up.

Religion will come to the fore again. However, it is no longer a question of confessional religiosity based on dogma and church organization which has little to do with Delta values. Religion will be more like neo-paganism, something like a belief in the cosmic mind.

Delta types are united by moderate collectivism. They adhere to a time-tested tradition. Their life is organized within the limits of medium-sized groups, existing as a system of small groups. It is in such a society that you can achieve the maximum level of mental comfort. One duality and a cozy family is clearly not enough for a person to experience the fullness of life.

For the first time, the Delta trend was vaguely caught by the anarchists of the 19th century. Peter Kropotkin, in particular, believed that there would be no need of the state as a bureaucratic mechanism for coordinating the behavior of people who have opposite interests due to their different social status. The future will be for small teams united by a common goal. Cooperation in this case will take over the competition. In our century, the psychologist and philosopher E. Fromm wrote a lot about the transition from Gamma to Delta. He dreamed of such a structure of society, which he called "humanistic idealism". He imagined this painful process as a change of attitude from having (centrality) to being (peripherality). In socionic terms, nonviolent "being" is people who have voluntarily renounced their grasping F-values and thus, constitute a society that is governed by the ideology of the fourth quadra.

Another example of the primary island of humane and labor values is the journey on a boat “Ra” across the ocean of the Heyerdahl Tour. His team can be viewed as a small model of interpersonal coexistence based on Delta principles. From this, however, it does not follow that the Heyerdahl Tour itself is a type of Delta quadra. He's just a trailblazer, groping his way to the nonviolent cooperative ecological society of Quadra Delta.



26.11.2023 15:20
А есть группы, где Достоевские?


20.11.2023 13:41
Таке враження, що коментувати дельту полізли одні бетани. Гниле нутро якраз у бетанів, які не рахуються з людськими життями.

Антон скорее всего СЛИ

28.03.2023 10:10
Для иррационального Габена? А вы кто будете и где путаница? СЛИ кстати считается самым рациональным иррационалом и таковым как правило является.


17.01.2022 20:31
Здраствуйте насчет делты. Если во общем смотреть на ихнее поведение они безвредные живут кайфуют отлично ладят с другими квадрами. Это считается только при обычном развитии событий никаких кардинальных мер они не могут и не хотят. При жестких неоднозначных ситуациях они примут решения оставить все как есть. В общем они хороши но лично каждый в индивидуальном общении покажут свое гнилое нутро если глубоко и тщательно копать. Лично я скажу что взаимодействие беты и гаммы невозможно просто мы преследуем диаметрально противоположные цели. Дельта это смерть конец активности окончание пассионарности стоп проявлениям ярких харизматичных личностей. У меня родной братишка ЭИИ я с ним хорошо общаюсь но по мере развития динамики общения понимаещь что не по пути вроде все верно но он чешет вообще о другом. Скажу честно в общем нормальный люд если бы не скрытое высокомерие и чрезмерно завышенное мнение. Наверно можно понять они дошли до конца много чего сделали пожинают плоды предыдущих этап


27.07.2021 15:04
Is this where the influence of the world's population is going? Right now it is in Gamma's hands, or it seems like it.


11.05.2021 20:23
Совсем неверно смешивать мораль и квадры. Бета, как и другие квадры, способна к милосердию и настоящему гуманизму. Советский Союз - чем не пример? Основан бетанцами. Доступные медицина и образование, тысячи спасённых жизней, доступ к информационным благам для всех слоёв. Дельта, кстати, безразлична к политике. Им ничего не светит в этом плане. Только пустые нравоучения. Либо же бессмысленные предложения, потому что никогда они не пойдут в практику и воплощать их они не будут, либо же отстаивать. Моя хата с краю и т.д.

09.12.2019 08:42
Для иррационального Габена путать понятия вполне допустимо)


24.03.2019 04:52
Меритократия это власть достойных, наиболее способных, умных и т.д., независимо от стажа и заслуг в прошлом и возраста и опыта.


05.03.2019 12:22
Власть в Дельте принадлежит старейшинам — опытным людям, заслужившим признательность своей многолетней деятельностью. Для подобной формы государственного устройства принят термин меритократия. Правда, существует и ее негативная разновидность — геронтократия. Наглядный пример геронтократии — «кремлевские старцы», правившие Советстким Союзом после Н. Хрущева, — еще не стерся в памяти моего поколения. Спутаны понятия меритократии и геронтократии. Геронтократия - это принцип управления, при котором власть принадлежит старейшинам.
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