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Personality type Mentor (ENFJ, Hamlet, EIE) - problems, tips, recommendations of socionics

The most developed side of your personality is the ability to experience strong feelings and emotions. You are a person with a complex spiritual world, full of contrasts and contradictions. For the sake of true, deep feelings, you can sacrifice a lot.

Your characteristic poetic nature allows you to express your feelings in a figurative form, often dramatic, sometimes tragicomic. You may have the talent of a speaker who can spark a large number of people with a speech, even if you do not know it.

What are you good at? Personality type Mentor (ENFJ, Hamlet, Ethical-intuitive extrovert)

You can be called a far-sighted and prudent person. You are well aware of the brewing crisis in the development of events and are able to take measures in advance to avoid it. You also try to warn others about possible troubles that threaten them. This is the expression of the general humanitarian orientation of your personality. You are a fairly principled person, you do not forgive unfair insults and humiliations. For the sake of this, after thinking and weighing everything, you are able to take the most drastic measures. However, in some cases, your integrity may be inflexible, and your determination may be excessive. Try to exercise restraint in extreme situations, make decisions in a calm state.

Problems and tips of socionics. Personality type Mentor (ENFJ, Hamlet, Ethical-intuitive extrovert)

Your main problem is the inability to avoid situations that cause suffering and unpleasant sensations. It is not always easy for you to fit into a new society, to get away from unpleasant communication with uninteresting people. You show uncertainty in your taste, inability to properly monitor your health.

You are characterized by an inability to find an inner balance with yourself. Avoid overly dramatic events. Discharge the accumulated emotions in artistic creativity, in amateur activities: singing, playing musical instruments, theater art, etc.

Trust people more. Avoid arrogance, be more democratic and simple with people, do not abuse irony.

Socionics tips. Personality type Mentor (ENFJ, Hamlet, Ethical-intuitive extrovert)

Do not try to make an impression at all costs. This may affect your interests or health. Dress according to the weather, follow the sequence of having dishes, and give preference to healthy food. Try to make your appearance and style of clothing correspond to the specific situation.

Do not be so distrustful of compliments and evaluation of your appearance. Do not look for a trick in this. In order not to painfully perceive the increased interest in yourself, train to work openly, in public. Trust people more, don't think straight away that they want to hurt you.

Another of your problems is not always a successful manifestation of your business qualities, the desire to show yourself as an entrepreneur, active person. Do not exaggerate the importance of your business initiative. Always ask yourself how real your calls to action are, whether they can lead to concrete positive results.

What else does socionics advise you? Personality type Mentor (ENFJ, Hamlet, Ethical-intuitive extrovert)

Overcome the reluctance to take into account everyday specific tasks, including household ones. Be more specific about your problems, and don't be obtrusive towards other people.

Your communication with people can also be difficult due to excessive formality. Avoid arrogance, be more democratic and simple with people, do not abuse irony and ridicule. Your tendency to be sarcastic can offend people and turn them away from you.



05.11.2021 09:43
So accurate ! it's pretty muvh my life in a nutshell. Thank you so much.
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