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Personality type Critic (INTP, Balzac, OR) - problems, tips, recommendations of socionics

Your strong point is a premonition of future events: You can predict the development of the situation in time or give timely useful advice, warn of future troubles or difficulties.

You have a well-developed imagination, you can recreate what you saw or read to the smallest detail. You are сurious, able to accumulate information on the issues you are interested in, and possess an enviable erudition. You are careful and prudent in making important decisions, which gives reason to others to consider you a wise and far-sighted person.

What are you good at? Personality type Critic (INTP, Balzac, Intuitive-logical introvert)

You have the ability to create an environment that has everything you need for a rational organization of work and recreation. You value comfort and convenience very much.

You are able to encourage others to show business activity and entrepreneurship in order to achieve a high material level. Good tactical abilities allow you to find many methods and ways to achieve the desired goal.

Problems and tips of socionics. Personality type Critic (INTP, Balzac, Intuitive-logical introvert)

Your main problem is excessive skepticism about new ideas and initiatives that require a lot of energy and enthusiasm for their implementation. This may give rise to some conservatism and passivity in carrying out the necessary measures.

You are prone to a pessimistic perception of life, often avoiding radical solutions to emerging problems. You value your peace of mind and stability, which is valuable in itself. But in crisis situations, it is necessary to be active. Overcome your apathy and tendency to contemplation. The policy of the ostrich burying its head in the sand can lead you to lose the taste for life, as well as negatively affect your business activity.

Excessive grumpiness can cause dissatisfaction with other people and even a loss of interest in communicating with you. Develop a sense of tact, refrain from inappropriate comments. Try to celebrate the virtues of people and praise them more for their good qualities and actions.

Overcome apathy and the tendency to contemplate. Avoid stereotypes in everything.

Socionics tips. Personality type Critic (INTP, Balzac, Intuitive-logical introvert)

You shy away from scandals, but sometimes you let go of your negative emotions. Remember that a sudden and excessive display of negative emotions can shock others and even put you in a ridiculous position.

Your other life problem is excessive scrupulousness and pedantry. You sometimes delve into every detail, too scrupulous in the performance of specific work. This waste of time and energy can lead to general fatigue and even loss of interest in the work being done. In this case, remember the reasons that led to such an undesirable situation.

You sometimes show excessive demands on the quality and freshness of food. You have well-established tastes and habits in everyday life (interior, food assortment, etc.). Be more attentive to the advice of people regarding the variety of tastes, habits and views on the way of life. Avoid stereotypes in everything.

What else does socionics advise you? Personality type Critic (INTP, Balzac, Intuitive-logical introvert)

Due to excessive suspiciousness during the period of malaise, you can abuse medications and underestimate the importance of an active lifestyle, sports, especially in the fresh air. Strive for a healthy lifestyle, maintain a balance of pleasant physical and intellectual sensations.



18.04.2020 13:42
Критик, сопоставлять соционику и MBTI надо по тому, что между ними есть общего, то есть по базису Юнга. В MBTI используется другая функциональная модель и описания отдельных функций отличаются. Экстравертная (то есть направленная на внешний мир, наиболее заметная функция человека) логика из MBTI соответствует соционической базовой логике. По описаниям также INTJ ближе к ЛИИ чем к ИЛИ (здесь разобрано подробно).


16.09.2019 19:49
По Майер-Бриггз этот тип соответствует INTJ. INTP - это Робеспьер. Достаточно было сверить их описания и функции.
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