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Subtypes in Socionics. Quadra Beta. Inspector type (ISTJ, Maxim Gorky, LSI) - Creative, Dominant, Normalizing and Harmonizing

Dominant ISTJ (Inspector, LSI, Maxim Gorky) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Inspector Demanding

Differs in endurance and great tenacity. Persistent in achieving a goal. He enjoys authority. People are afraid of him. Works well in hierarchical systems.

The best organizer in any industry, who knows how to gradually establish a stable control with a firm hand. It is almost impossible to force him to change his mind, let alone his beliefs.

Poorly versed in the intricacies of relationships. Quite suspicious, he blames his failures on the intrigues of ill-wishers.

Creative ISTJ (Inspector, LSI, Maxim Gorky) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Inspector Rescuer

A sociable person in his circle. Every now and then he makes fun of someone. He tells jokes well, makes toasts. Cunning and resourceful, he will not miss what is to his benefit.

Doesn't answer questions directly. But in an extreme situation, he becomes serious and active. Has the qualities of a lifeguard. Poorly tolerates when his things are touched.

The work is evaluated according to the difficulties that had to be overcome. He takes good care of ladies (men) or gladly accepts courtship (women).

Normalizing ISTJ (Inspector, LSI, Maxim Gorky) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Inspector Reliable

Reliable and meticulous performer. A systematic man. Deep researcher of one problem. Inclined to study, systematize knowledge.

Firmly adheres to some learned rules. A good family man. You can always rely on him in close relationships. Honest and conscientious, but slow and clumsy in thoughts and actions.

Internally sentimental. He has a penchant for literature, poetry or music. Neat and orderly in everyday life.

Harmonizing ISTJ (Inspector, LSI, Maxim Gorky) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Inspector Picky

Differs in disgust. Choosing food. Drinks a lot of fluids. He is sensitive to children and weak animals. He rarely puts things in order on his own territory. He values things primarily from their aesthetic side. Bad organizer, albeit ambitious.

It is hard for him to endure strife, although he cannot curb his irritability. Seeks compromises. Knows how to adapt to or please those on whom he depends. Provides small services, is helpful and useful. But in the end, he does everything as it is convenient for him.

Able to change his mind at the last minute. Due to lengthy procedures, he tends to be late for events.



28.10.2020 23:03
Ещё дополню предыдущий отзыв:реально в стрессовых ситуациях происходит максимальная мобилизация, настолько, что работа и её результат(когда ситуация решена) вызывает какое-то чувство близкое к эйфории. Возникает желание периодической встряски...


28.10.2020 22:57
По характеристикам узнаю в себе креативного инспектора. Из-за своей весёлости и общительности были сомнения:считала себя "советчиком", но после глубокого анализа личных характеристик все-таки поняла, что "инспектор", просто не сурово доминирующий и не скурпулезный.


30.11.2018 12:20
Я - гамлет, муж - горький. В доме все вещи по полочкам и в порядке. Мне очень удобно и комфортно с таким упорядоченным человеком. Так и в мыслях. И я рядом с ним намного спокойнее. Поэтому кому-то стремление к порядку - недостаток, а кому-то - большой плюс.


24.07.2018 12:56
"Аккуратен и упорядочен в быту". Политкорректность такая политкорректность. Знаю двоих парней, судя по всему, нормирующих ЛСИ. От одного ушла жена, от другого хочет уйти девушка. Причину первого не знаю, но, судя по тому, как он пытается "строить" всех на работе, в том числе указывает на недочеты главному бухгалтеру, догадываемся. Второй требует от девушки (кстати, ЭИЭ) полного соблюдения своих правил в быту, упрекает за не так закрытый холодильник, за продукты, купленные не по самой выгодной цене (хотя не за его деньги).
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