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Advanced online course – «Subtypes». From June 18. Program

The program of an advanced course in Humanitarian Socionics.
Part 1: Subtypes. DCNH system. Typology 64

1st lesson
1. The need to take into account subtypes in practical work.
2. DCNH system.
3. How subtypes are formed.
4. Special dichotomies.
5. The triple of functions as the core of the functional profile.
6. The influence of subtypes on intertype relationships.

2nd lesson. Subtypes of the first quadra.
1. Seeker.
2. Enthusiast.
3. Mediator.
4. Analyst.
5. Specialized roles of subtypes in the quadra.

3rd lesson. Subtypes of the second quadra.
1. Mentor.
2. Marshal.
3. Inspector.
4. Lyricist.
5. Comparison of DCNH with DISC.

4th lesson. Subtypes of the third quadra.
1. Politician.
2. Entrepreneur.
3. Critic.
4. Guardian.
5. Comparison of DCNH with PAEI.

5th lesson. Subtypes of the fourth quadra.
1. Administrator.
2. Advisor.
3. Humanist.
4. Master.
5. Comparison of DCNH with EBDN.

6th lesson. Test on the topic.


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