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Humanitarian Socionics


Subtypes in Socionics. Quadra Alpha. Mediator type (ISFP, Dumas, SEI) - Creative, Dominant, Normalizing and Harmonizing

Dominant SEI (Mediator, ISFP, Dumas) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Mediator Distributing

Leads an active lifestyle, although physical activity takes away a lot of his strength. An enthusiastic nature, willingly takes on interesting work, counting on a specific result with little effort.

Ardently defends his beliefs. Describes the events in detail and colorfully. Emphasizes their advantages or merits in a suitable situation. Feels the real needs of people. Can be successful in marketing.

He often becomes the soul of a small company. Knows how to amuse people with humor and practical jokes. He has many acquaintances, but he has fun from the heart only among close friends.

Creative SEI (Mediator, ISFP, Dumas) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Mediator Combining

Knows a lot about a variety of pleasures. A lively and inquisitive person, who collects various information and shares it with others. He likes to be argued with a little, but he does not tolerate aggressive people. Avoids boring business conversations.

Defending his independence, he knows how to maintain good relations with everyone. Will not try to change people. Does not tolerate jealousy and mistrust. Having splashed out in an emotional outburst, he rests in a secluded place. It is not easy for him to quickly regain his strength. A good composer who knows how to combine dissimilar material into one coherent product.

Normalizing SEI (Mediator, ISFP, Dumas) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Mediator Coordinating

He is equally friendly and attentive with everyone. Responsible for assignments. He copes well with routine matters if he feels he is needed. Strives for autonomy, asks for help in extreme cases.

He has the gift of calming and smoothing out contradictions. On important issues, he seeks to agree on an informal level. Will not air out “dirty laundry in public”.

Very affectionate. Needs close relationships with people, whose interests fit in with his life. He likes it when the family gets together without being forced. He wants to make life pleasant for everyone who is around.

Harmonizing SEI (Mediator, ISFP, Dumas) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Mediator Decorating

A person who knows how to relax and perceive the shades of sensations. Possesses a delicate aesthetic taste. He treats people attentively and caringly, especially his loved ones.

Shows obvious dissatisfaction, if his peace is disturbed, may be indignant and respond sharply. He does not like to talk about his sorrows and failures. By nature, secretive and vulnerable.

Loves nature and beauty in its natural manifestation. He is acutely worried about the situation of the current minute. Everything he undertakes is done with taste and soul. Sometimes he can give the impression of a passive or inert person.



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