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Subtypes in Socionics. Quadra Alpha. Enthusiast type (ESFJ, Hugo, ESE) - Creative, Dominant, Normalizing and Harmonizing

Dominant ESE (ESFJ, Enthusiast, Hugo) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Enthusiast Guardian

An optimistic, cheerful and very sociable person. He is attentive to people, actively trying to involve them in any events. Knows how to rejoice at the success of others. Easily makes new acquaintances.

Does not tolerate rudeness and deception. Although he is quite quick-tempered and unrestrained in emotional reactions, he is quick-witted and unforgiving. He is outraged by arrogant or grumpy people.

He is not willing to deal with everyday issues, but he is able to handle them quickly thanks to his practicality and dexterity. Fired up with an idea, he becomes an active supporter of it and seeks to implement it in life, sparing no effort and time.

Creative ESE (ESFJ, Enthusiast, Hugo) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Enthusiast Happy

The most hospitable representative of his type. Makes contacts well. Effective in receiving guests, organizing a cultural program. Uplifts very easily.

Quite fickle and impulsive. Poorly calculates his time, spends a lot of energy on secondary matters. He is ashamed of his lateness, so he tries to discipline himself.

He can be overly trusting or careless, poorly foreseeing the outcome of the business being undertaken. Jealous in personal relationships.

Poorly tolerates dull routine. He will enthusiastically support a variety of new products but will not be limited to one thing.

Normalizing ESE (ESFJ, Enthusiast, Hugo) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Enthusiast Supportive

He is a smart and attentive person, seeks to restrain his active emotions. Condemns bad taste, rudeness and tactlessness. He tries to instill in close people good demeanor and love of knowledge. Loyal to family and friends.

Tends to hesitate for a long time before making an important decision. Because of the chaos of his own thoughts, he is afraid to make a mistake. Organized and economical. He takes all the comments personally, so he is easily offended.

Reacts sharply to ingratitude. Having expressed his indignation, he leaves. Good housekeeping, monitoring the health of loved ones.

Harmonizing ESE (ESFJ, Enthusiast, Hugo) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Enthusiast Softener

A tactful person who is calm and friendly towards people. Observant, especially for people, their morals and habits. Knows who needs what. Provides all possible support those that are talented, but also modest in nature.

Makes a beautiful setting and prepares food deliciously. Strives for peace and material prosperity. He prefers not to experiment, but to act with proven methods.

He prefers quiet company and outdoor recreation to bustle and noisy festivities. Does not tolerate boring, dull conversation partners. Although he listens to the advice of others, he acts in his own way.


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