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Subtypes in Socionics. Quadra Delta. Craftsman type (ISTP, Gaben, SLI) - Creative, Dominant, Normalizing and Harmonizing

Dominant ISTP (Craftsman, SLI, Gaben) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Master Stimulating

Has good business qualities. If he is carried away by business, he develops a great capacity for work. Stimulates colleagues with lucrative offers, not coercion. Distributes total earnings according to the contribution of each. He willingly works in small groups.

Sympathizes with the grief of others, but not with emotions, but with action. Doesn't compromise if he feels hurt.

Does not accept familiarity. If he is not understood, he withdraws into himself. Quite jealous and distrustful but hides it under the guise of indifference. Does not tolerate when they demand more than agreed.

Creative ISTP (Craftsman, SLI, Gaben) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Master Tester

Inventive and resourceful in solving sudden technical or everyday problems. He is inquisitive, but for the sake of theoretical study of the subject he will not sacrifice his time.

He wantsincluded in his work not only material incentives, but also risky activities that promise unusual experiences. Learns new things easily.

Like no other, he requires freedom in choosing actions or deeds. Knows how to take advantage of the chance that it provides for a short time. Possesses a good, dynamic, high-speed response. He successfully practices defensive martial arts.

Normalizing ISTP (Craftsman, SLI, Gaben) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Master Thrifty

At work, he is accurate and conscientious. Does everything without haste, but quickly and efficiently. Despite the seeming inertia, he is persistent in achieving the goal. He is good at repair work.

Understands that they learn from admitting their mistakes. Appreciates his work.

Economical and thrifty. Undemonstrative, but offended if what he did was not appreciated. Skeptical, he cannot be seduced by slogans. Cannot stand vanity, fidgeting.

He appreciates the circle of his colleagues, is family-oriented, caring. Monitors his health and appearance. Selects comfortable and functional clothing.

Harmonizing ISTP (Craftsman, SLI, Gaben) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Master Skillful

He makes a minimum of effort to get the maximum result. The most energy efficient type. He prefers to work alone, when there is inspiration, skillfully realizing the original plan.

Esthete, connoisseur of sensations. Needs connoisseurs of his skills, good rest. Has doubts about his strengths and capabilities, but the uncertainty disappears when he gets involved in a task.

Restrained in showing emotions. Does not tolerate rudeness, vulgarity.

Suffers very much from boredom. Physically very sensitive. He does not like to make efforts on himself. Appreciates friendly attitude, mutual assistance.



02.07.2022 17:37
Можно ответом пару примеров известных людей данного типа? А то ни в библиотеке, ни здесь ни одного лица.


17.09.2021 23:20
Есть такие предметы, например, которые не подкрепляются практикой (если только их не преподавать) - в основном, гуманитарные. А из боевых искусств оборонительного характера - Дзюдо, как минимум. Так что, шах и мат, товарищ.


23.06.2021 10:28
Описание креативного СЛИ содержит в себе логические ошибки. «Любознателен, но ради теоретического изучения предмета жертвовать своим временем не будет.» Без теоретического изучения предмета невозможно никакую техническую профессию освоить или просто понять устройство различных устройств, это слишком обобщённо. То есть без этого технические проблемы невозможно решать. Насколько я понимаю, речь о том, что у него теория всегда согласована с практикой, несмотря на любознательность. Здесь бы лучше подошла строчка: «любознателен, однако теорию изучает в связи с практикой». Далее. «Успешно занимается боевыми искусствами оборонительного характера.» Нет никаких боевых искусств оборонительного характера. Всегда есть как оборонительный, так и наступательный характер. Даже т.н. «самбо» (самооборону без оружия) возможно использовать в качестве средства наступления, то есть это просто название.
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