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Subtypes in Socionics. Quadra Delta. Humanist type (INFJ, Dostoevsky, EII) - Creative, Dominant, Normalizing and Harmonizing

Dominant INFJ (Humanist, EII, Dostoevsky) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Humanist Consistent

Consistently pursues a goal that is usually of a socially useful nature and is not associated with personal enrichment. Strength is given to him by the motivation that he is trying not for himself, but for people. Respects smart and purposeful individuals, can become a faithful continuer of their work.

He appreciates self-education, an intellectual atmosphere in communication. He spreads his convictions among others, reinforces his words with a personal example. It happens that he is considered eccentric or out of touch with reality.

They will be distinguished by their entrepreneurial spirit. Not afraid to take risks in the name of a noble idea or a better future.

Creative INFJ (Humanist, EII, Dostoevsky) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Humanist Developing

Curious, shows interest in moral and philosophical problems, the fate of a person in a hostile society. He tries to understand the essence of various phenomena in order to form his own picture of the world.

Differs in intractability when trying to impose something. His free imagination leads to spontaneous actions, which he often surprises his friends with.

Respects freedom of expression. Has pedagogical inclinations. Defending his interests, he demonstrates adherence to principles and tacit perseverance. Bravely endures the "blows of fate". Compliments in the presence of strangers are perceived with distrust.

Normalizing INFJ (Humanist, EII, Dostoevsky) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Humanist Conscientious

Delves into relationships between people. Difficult to tolerate interpersonal conflicts. He is very stable in his attachments. He is ready for serious sacrifices for the sake of loved ones. Responsive and attentive to people. Impressive and vulnerable, modest. Because of a developed sense of justice, he sometimes makes a severe reprimand to the guilty person.

She works and studies wells but does not like attention being paid to her.

In work, she is painstaking and thorough. Punctual. Can't rest when people around her are busy. Lowering her merits, suffers from low self-esteem.

Harmonizing INFJ (Humanist, EII, Dostoevsky) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Humanist Understanding

Appreciates mutual understanding and tolerance, the ability to make compromises for the sake of peace. Accepts people for who they are. Rarely expresses condemnation. Able to strongly feel the deep currents of the human soul. Unobtrusively helps the person make difficult choices.

Knows how to interpret dreams, understands the meaning of children's fears. Has a good memory of past events. Afraid of household discomfort.

Indecisive and insecure. Dresses modestly. Treasures inner peace, however, fulfills its natural mission to absorb other people's suffering and correct the psychological atmosphere.



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