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Descriptions of ALL SUBTYPES of quadras in socionics are now available on the site!

The site of Humanitarian Socionics continues to expand the volume of materials available at the English version of the site. This time, the site's library has been updated with descriptions of subtypes of all quadras -

The translation of the articles was performed by our good friend and student, socionic Jeremy Goddard! Many thanks to you, Jeremy! We really appreciate you, your attention to the Humanitarian Socionics and help in the development of the English version of the site!

Translation of Viktor Gulenko's articles into English will be continued. In the near future, we plan to pay attention to the translation of articles with descriptions of all types by functions, as well as the behavior of all types in the family, at a close distance.

As we reported earlier, the English version of the site was opened at the end of June 2021, and we already have the first results! The number of readers from the USA, Great Britain, Poland, Turkey, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Georgia has increased. Although, unfortunately, at the same time, visits to the site from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, Latvia and even Ukraine have significantly decreased. And it's a pity! Please come back!

We are very grateful to all our readers for their attention to Humanitarian Socionics and our website!

We will be thankful if you continue to share links to our website, the test and our videos that you found interesting, which, of course, will be very useful and will help draw the attention of many caring, intelligent people around the world!


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