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Humans are not tabula rasa (clean slate)

Who has the count of how many people who fell by chance or by their own lack of will into a communication environment foreign to their socionics type, cursed the day and hour when they were born? They tried their best to adapt to a type of thinking and behavior that flourishes in this environment, but they fail again and again. The paradox is that it never occurred to them that nature created them for completely different things!

Such pursuits to fit in not only neutralize advantages of a person, but also but creates and propagates mediocrity. True, such adherence to a prestigious template is very beneficial to those lucky people who correctly assessed their abilities and took the right course of action in accordance with their socionics type. Against the background noise of people who have not found themselves, they look very, very good. Imagine a person with a sensitive humanitarian personality type among powerful managers with an iron grip. The contrast, of course, is very striking, but nevertheless it is a fact of our life.

A person is not a tabula rasa (a blank slate) on which you can write any text, nor can you write a technical instruction or a sublime poem. There is a natural framework of personality, natural inclinations, abilities, and perception of the world.

First of all, we must appeal to parents who sincerely believe that they can mold a child into anything they want through proper upbringing. A person cannot work like a universal mechanism where you just turn the switch knob.

People do not hammer nails with microscopes, and they do not cut wood with computers. Why do you think that your pragmatic child, dexterous and with deft hands, skillfully and at will selling chewing gum on the street, will become a future great scientist, who will only slightly remake themselves with your help and will definitely make a Nobel-level discovery?

Let us say you belong to a group of the introverted logical sociotypes, for whom being social is a significant problem. After having passed the training in communication skills, you would enter an expressive state that is unusual for your nature for a while, from which you will undoubtedly get a lot of pleasure. But when, after a few days, you would find that your usual closed-off state has returned, then there would be something to despair about!

What would you do? Would you sign up for a similar training session again (with a similar result), or would you chastise yourself or your irremediable introversion, which, by the way, has a lot of positive qualities that you do not notice? What is a solution here? You can change your perspective and understand that the introversion is just as necessary for society as an extroversion, and the question is not at all about making everyone to open up, but to get people to complement one type with another.

If our words seem convincing, we invite you to take a deep dive into the world of socionics. Accept yourself as who you really are - a unique creation of nature, for which there is always a feasible and exciting path in this life. Socionics is able to tell you how to make the right life plan for yourself, and how to intelligently organize the communicative space around you.

You will see the world through completely different eyes. This effect can only be compared to the pleasure that a person feels when, after many years of black-and-white images, they suddenly see the world in color. Many far-fetched problems will go away by themselves. After mastering the socionics typology, you will be surprised: How did I not know this before? You will become calmer and more wise, you will stop wasting so much energy on pseudo-problems that you created for yourself earlier, mostly due to ignorance. The people around you will change for the better, and so will you.

A person educated in socionics is already part of the new times, the times of reason and charity, the times that will come as soon as we understand the plan nature created for us.



29.11.2022 04:09
I agree completely. It is essential that people start recognizing the different personalities and skills of everyone and the fact that they complement themselves, in order to save the world.
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