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Humanitarian Socionics


Subtypes in Socionics. Quadra Beta. Type Marshal (ESTP, Zhukov, SLE)- Creative, Dominant, Normalizing and Harmonizing

Dominant ESTP (Marshal, SLE, Zhukov) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Marshal Promotion

Resolute and active person. He is very persistent: if he determines a goal, he will throw all his strength towards achieving it. Controlling and calculating, constantly pushes others to action.

Effective in business in a highly competitive environment with difficult projects. Acts both directly and through third parties. Manages people, imposing his will on the weak, or offering favorable conditions to the strong.

A born crisis manager: without exacerbations and overcoming obstacles, his vitality decreases. In a bad mood, needs emotional pumping.

Creative ESTP (Marshal, SLE, Zhukov) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Marshal Attacker

Lively and agile, has a very good reaction. In a combat situation, he experiences a rise in energy. Lively, very quickly mobilized. Boldly attacks.

Capable of overexerting forces while fighting. He creates an unbearable environment for his opponents, but for those whom he loves, he provides reliable protection. Systematic economic or bureaucratic activity is boring for him.

Normalizing ESTP (Marshal, SLE, Zhukov) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Marshal Retainer

Balanced and sustained. He needs to be very angry for him to show his strength. Serious, tries not to betray his surprise or confusion if events do not fit into the usual pattern.

Consistent and practical in business. He doesn’t like being late. Providing services, builds a multi-level system of obligations and subordination. Able to withstand heavy power loads. In sports, he is effective as a weightlifter. Requires simple but high-calorie food.

Tends to accumulate material values, such as real estate.

Harmonizing ESTP (Marshal, SLE, Zhukov) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Marshal Combining

Prudent and careful. Feels threatened but hopes that nothing will come into fruition. Finds many workarounds and schemes for getting his way. In a normal situation, he is good-natured, humorous.

Attempts to gain the upper hand over the enemy through maneuvers and preemptive actions, without fighting directly. In a real situation, in order to survive, he dumps everything unnecessary as unneeded ballast. At heart, he is rather superstitious and suspicious. Periodically plunges into melancholic states, trying to understand himself.

Knows how to correctly arrange people to do the job. He calculates various combinations, but he cannot fully implement them himself due to a lack of energy and perseverance. Rather a staff strategist than a combat commander.


Анастасия (админ)

03.01.2019 15:48
Здравствуйте, Dmitriy. Мы не опубликовали еще описания всех типов из 4х квадр - в свободном доступе у нас только краткие описания подтипов квадры Бета в Гуманитарной соционике. Описания всех 64 подтипов, в том числе и полные описания 16 подтипов Беты, доступны только в буклетах, которые можно приобрести.
Типология 64 - выделение, исследование и описание 4 подтипов в рамках типа, это авторская разработка Виктора Гуленко, и что публикуют другие сайты сказать сложно.
Сейчас авторитетных, заслуживающих уважения школ соционики, совсем немного. Некоторые школы считают ненужным обращать внимание на очевидное существование подтипов, бывает, даже пытаются оспорить их существование.
Также хватает в Интернете и сомнительных сайтов, которые копируют наши авторские материалы (что запрещено!) и даже вносят в них свои правки. Например, в описаниях типов по функциям Виктора Гуленко - путают расстановку функций в типе, что искажает и разрушает суть и целостность нашей энергетической Модели G. Выбирайте для самообучения только достоверные ресурсы и будьте внимательны!


31.12.2018 03:09
Не могу найти описания подтипов вашей школы для типов других квадр. Подскажите где или сделайте пожалуйста! Только у других школ нашел описания всех подтипов. Спасибо!
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