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Functional state P - business logic

Business logic (P): calculation of profitable actions; work, benefit, profit, money; automatism, desire to movement; cardiovascular system.

In the intellectual sense, the state of business logic manifests as prudence, the assessment of benefits, thinking about the appropriate ways to act. Thinking according to the P-pattern proceeds in the form of verbal reasoning according to the formula "if – then". There are long logical chains of cause and effect. The grammar of such a speech is rather poor, but P-speech is dynamic, differs in lexical diversity, and conveys the developing processes very well.

At the social level, a long-held P state creates an informal role of the group's engine. In the state of P, a person cannot sit idle — they constantly engage in some kind of beneficial activity. It is impossible to rest sitting next to a person in the P-state. With their work ethic, the P-users unwittingly pull everyone who communicates with them closely into their work rhythm. For this reason, workplaces designate such people as official leaders. The second side of the P-role in a team is to be a formal leader.

Psychologically, the communicative aspect of P creates a state of excited motion, a thirst for useful activity. In the state of P, a person experiences a rise in productivity, becomes energetic and purposeful. This state is very energy-consuming, so a person who is in it, gets nervous, has challenges with restraining self. Any distraction from work is perceived a useless waste of time and a loss.

Physically, a state of P manifests as a fast movement with a uniformly smooth rhythm. Contractions-relaxations of muscles are subordinated towards one goal, produced in one direction. A person in such a state is quite inflexible and struggles to change direction. Having entered a P-state, a person completely gives themselves up to it, turns into a kind of machine of productivity. It is hard to get out of this state right away. Once the momentum is gained, muscles continue to contract rhythmically, and limbs continue to move. Strenuous work requires a long time to recuperate energy.


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