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Functional state S - sensorics of comfort

Comfort sensorics (S): tastes, colors, smells, touches; conformity, adaptation; enjoying the moment; skin and mucous membranes.

Intellectual activity in the S-state is the processing of signals coming from all senses. In the S-state, a person absorbs information from the outside world – sounds, smells, touches, temperature – and compares them with each other as a unified sensory complex. The difference from the state of F is that the emphasis is on the dynamics of sensations - on whether they are amplified or weakened, harmoniously combined or arise at random. In the S-state, a person does not think in terms of words or pictures, but through their whole bodies.

Stable expression of S leads, at the social level, to an informal role that is called a task finisher, or a decorator. Such a person shows themselves well when the external environment, perceived through the senses, is in a harmonious state. The S-type avoids activities that are accompanied by discomfort, noise, coercion, and prolonged exertion. Therefore, the task finisher is active in an isolated environment of the society. Although their activity is limited, it is universal and quite diverse – monotony and repetition are disagreeable with the state of S.

On the psychological level, the S-state is experienced as pleasure, enjoyment, feeling sated, satisfying one’s thirst and hunger. In the S-state, a person expresses their feelings through giving care, an assistance to satisfy biological needs. This process can be compared to capturing an image on a photographic film, drawing a picture on a piece of paper, recording sounds on a magnetic tape, etc. The S-state can easily diagnose a condition: it allows you to determine the location of pain in the body and its intensity. The S-state is cyclical in nature – filling out and emptying of hollow organs and vessels with a circulating substrate.

Physically, the state of S is recognized by a soft and relaxed body, a comfortable position in which body skin is in maximum contact with a supporting surface. In the S-state, uniform physiologically processes in the body become quite noticeable – respiration, blood circulation, radiation of heat. Gestures are sparse and precise, but smooth and without tension. Facial expressions are associated with engagement of the taste muscles located around the mouth and nose. Satisfaction or displeasure, pleasure or disgust are painted on the face.


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