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Personality type Seeker (ENTP, Don Quixote, ILE) - problems, tips, recommendations of socionics

Your strength, of course, is a well-developed cognitive thinking. You often come up with interesting, promising ideas. You know how to dive your mind into the depth of events and foresee the prospect of their development. Your developed intuition helps you to make the right decisions. You are able to see into the very essence of things and phenomena. You read a lot and are interested in everything new and unusual. However, this is the danger of "dispersing" your powers, losing the main interest that defines you as a person.

What are you good at? Personality type Seeker (ENTP, Don Quixote, Intuitive-logical extrovert)

The tool for implementing your intuitive ideas and guesses is logic. You try to logically justify your ideas and thereby convince the people around you of their correctness. Thanks to this quality, your like-minded people unite around you. You are the enemy of everything stagnant and outdated. In this lies the danger of adopting a position of total nihilism. Your main problem is the inability to properly understand the relationship between people. It is especially difficult for you to realize the true attitude of others towards you.

Once you have intuitively understood the person, they become uninteresting to you. You don't know what to do with them. This can turn it against you. You also don't see your true detractors. Do not rush to draw conclusions about the assessment of the people around you. Try to determine this issue by their objective actions.

Problems and tips of socionics. Personality type Seeker (ENTP, Don Quixote, Intuitive-logical extrovert)

It is difficult for you to have a stable good relationship with your loved ones. You can accidentally show tactlessness, break the established harmony of relations. Restrain the momentary reaction to a particular act of a loved one.

The following recommendations are also useful for you. Do not get carried away by excessive democracy, which can imperceptibly turn into familiarity. This can contribute to undermining your authority among people.

Don't get carried away with excessive democracy. Show more tact in your behavior. Do everything on time.

Socionics tips. Personality type Seeker (ENTP, Don Quixote, Intuitive-logical extrovert)

Show more tact in your behavior, so as not to shock people with your frankness and straightforwardness. By doing this, you can gain detractors, even if you do not want to.

Another of your problems is the inability to be constantly collected, weak self-discipline. Because of this, you pay little attention to your daily business, which results in the disruption of planned activities or the established work schedule. Do everything on time.

What else does socionics advise you? Personality type Seeker (ENTP, Don Quixote, Intuitive-logical extrovert)

If you are a boss, then pay attention not to slip into voluntarism. Avoid unjustifiably increasing pressure on employees, do not go too far in demanding and strong-willed pressure. Such an inappropriate reaction can put you in a ridiculous position.

Switch your potential volitional energy to sports to give it an outlet. This will increase your vitality, develop endurance. You will become more focused, more disciplined.



26.03.2023 23:05
Там волевая сенсорика быстро ломается. У меня вопрос, как выживать альфийцу? У которого волевой сенсорики либо нет, либо ооочень мало! Можно ли у Гуленко Виктора взять консультацию по этому вопросу? Конечно, за деньги,да ))


02.12.2021 00:36
Persuasive, Виктор Это динамика, с позволения. DQ же статический ТиМ, засчет чего и способен видеть суть идей глубоко Judging же создаёт те трудности общения как и наш ТиМ, Лии, статический\Judging
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