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Personality type Enthusiast (ESFJ, Hugo, Ethico-sensory extrovert) - problems, tips, recommendations of socionics

In everyday life, you are an open, sociable, friendly person. For this, you are loved by others. You are well versed in the mood of people, sympathize with someone else's grief, know how to empathize. You will not leave a person in trouble, you will help the offended.

What are you good at? Personality type Enthusiast (ESFJ, Hugo, Ethico-sensory extrovert)

You know how to please people. You are hospitable, caring. You know how to spend your free time in an interesting and fulfilling way: go to the movies, theaters, concerts, and often visit guests. Enjoy pleasant trips and travel. You are not averse to spending time in fun, noisy companies, like holidays and feasts. You like to give gifts, to make people happy.

Problems and tips of socionics. Personality type Enthusiast (ESFJ, Hugo, Ethico-sensory extrovert)

Your main problem is the inability to manage your time in everyday affairs. You are too hasty, often fussy, you do not have enough time for anything. You are drowning in endless bustling around, often forgetting about the main thing.

Try to plan your day properly. Give up small, secondary matters and questions, put them aside for later. Do not grab everything at once, otherwise you will not be able to do everything in time. You may find yourself uninsured from the unexpected.

Learn to match your requirements with real life. Moderate your hospitality, try to gain a sense of measure in everything.

Socionics tips. Personality type Enthusiast (ESFJ, Hugo, Ethico-sensory extrovert)

Try to isolate the main thing in the network of phenomena, to predict its development. You can be too demanding and uncompromising in relation to your family and friends, which is the cause of many disappointments in people. Once deceived in a person, you become suspicious and distrustful of all others. In a rush of emotions, you can exaggerate the shortcomings of others, present these people in black.

Learn to match your requirements with real life. Be tolerant of people, indulgent for their shortcomings. Remember that there are no perfect people. Excessive emotional pressure can destroy the established harmony of the relationship.

Your other problem is excessive waste of energy and material resources. The inability to control everyday expenses does not allow you to create the necessary material reserve. Save your energy, do not take on things that do not guarantee a reliable return.

What else does socionics advise you? Personality type Enthusiast (ESFJ, Hugo, Ethico-sensory extrovert)

Give up countless meetings with relatives and friends, it is better to do household chores to carve out time for a relaxing holiday. Try to maintain a more strict order at home. Get rid of useless things, do not accumulate them. The fewer small, useless items you have, the easier it is to find the right thing at the right time. Moderate your hospitality, do not be intrusive in treats, try to observe a sense of measure in everything.


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