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Personality type Humanist (INFJ, Dostoevsky, EII) - problems, tips, recommendations of socionics

Your strength is a deep understanding of people and human relationships. You are interested in the motives of actions, spiritual qualities, and relationships between people you observe for a long time. And the longer this study lasts, the more accurately you determine the character of a person: what he really is, and not how they want to be seen.

What are you valued for? Personality type Humanist (INFJ, Dostoevsky, Ethical-intuitive introvert)

You strive for warm, friendly relations between people, do not tolerate rudeness and violence. This shows the humanistic orientation of your personality, for this you are appreciated and respected by others. Your knowledge of people and life experience will always help you find your place in the team. Your other advantage, thanks to which you deserve the appreciation of people, is your constant sensitivity, kindness and attentiveness to people. You try to show your compassion for them in deeds, not just in words. You, without sparing your own time and effort, help everyone who really needs your help.

The ultimate goal of your activity is to create a calm, harmonious, conflict-free environment in which everyone can reveal their abilities. You are the best comforter and reconciler. Forgiving people for their negative actions and sins, you influence their conscience, make them think about the moral foundations of our life.

Problems and tips of socionics. Personality type Humanist (INFJ, Dostoevsky, Ethical-intuitive introvert)

The problem that worries you is the lack of determination and initiative, the inability to demand in a strong-willed form. This is also facilitated by a certain shyness or even timidity inherent in your character to some degree or another. You are very scrupulous, afraid to seem intrusive, inappropriately causing attention to yourself.

You are a modest, non-aggressive person. By accepting the challenge. You do not dare to react actively, you prefer to conceal your grievances. You are even uncomfortable accepting protection from others. You think that the person who offended you should realize everything and repent. If he doesn't. You try to avoid communication with him, punishing him with silence.

It is recommended that you develop self-defense: directly express your condemnation of dishonesty and disgrace, do not show pity for people who are not able to correct themselves, or repent, do not allow yourself to be used for someone else's selfish purposes. Learn to say "no" in time. Be less sympathetic to strangers and pay more attention to your loved ones.

Do not be led by your own pity, so as not to flagellate yourself later for deviating from honesty and justice.

Socionics tips. Personality type Humanist (INFJ, Dostoevsky, Ethical-intuitive introvert)

Your other problem is the very thorough work on the details of any case, which creates slowness and lack of emotion. Getting bogged down in small things, you hardly find time for a good rest in nature or in the company of friends, which can have a bad effect on your well-being. You carefully and deeply analyze everything that concerns you and your friends. The results of such an objective analysis are often disappointing, which sometimes makes you feel a sense of deep sadness and pessimism. You are unnecessarily depressed by everything that goes beyond decency, morality and spirituality.

Do not be led by your own pity, so as not to flagellate yourself later for deviating from honesty and justice. Remember that true justice does not allow compromises with conscience.

What else does socionics advise you? Personality type Humanist (INFJ, Dostoevsky, Ethical-intuitive introvert)

Speed up the pace of work, concentrate, so that your attention glides past the little things, stopping only on the main, essential. Try speed reading — this will help you learn to see the overall picture of a phenomenon or event. When analyzing the facts, try not to clarify, but to generalize. Knowing the general patterns will save you from spending effort and nerves on unjustified aspects of the case few people are interested in.


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