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Subtypes in Socionics. Quadra Gamma. Type of Politician (ESFP, Napoleon, SEE) - Creative, Dominant, Normalizing and Harmonizing.

Dominant ESFP (Politician, SEE, Napoleon) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Politician Representative

Has a leadership character. Shows good organizational and diplomatic skills. It is better for him to lead a large team rather than a small one. Energetic and purposeful, but impulsive. Looks personable and solid.

Constantly expands the circle of his acquaintances and the field of activity.

A flexible tactician who improvises as events unfold. Negotiates well, first raising the bar and then feeling for a compromise point.

He prefers to solve the problems that arise immediately, otherwise he can then be distracted and lose interest.

Creative ESFP (Politician, SEE, Napoleon) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Politician Switching

In his behavior, he is pretentious and demonstrative. He perfectly tells jokes, arranges practical jokes.

Very freedom loving. Resists any restrictions, often in a harsh and rude form.

She boldly shows her feelings and interests, knows how to make compliments. Due to a sudden change in goals and desires, she can be unpredictable in behavior.

Reacts painfully to criticism.

She is inclined to take on a lot of things at once, but not everything can be brought to the end. She quickly gets tired of routine and monotony. Curious, striving for new information and self-improvement.

Normalizing ESFP (Politician, SEE, Napoleon) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Politician Supplier

A survivor. Knows when to remain silent and where to yield. Sometimes rude, but only in order to besiege the impudent person. Appreciates family ties.

Likes to share experiences on specific issues. He gives the impression of a frank and sincere person, but only a few enjoy his real trust.

Appreciates coziness and comfort. Cares for the well-being of family and friends. Cooks well. Delicious food helps escape stress.

Requires cleanliness, order and a report on spending from loved ones. Thrifty in small things, but not discreet enough in large purchases.

Harmonizing ESFP (Politician, SEE, Napoleon) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Politician Maneuvering

From the outside he seems very patient and calm, but inner balance is given to him with difficulty, heightened impressionability and inconsistency of feelings and desires are inherent.

He does not want to strain, to overcome himself. Prefers passive rest.

Heswitches on actively when he feels that it is possible to get resources without much hassle. He is able to conjuncture well. Knows how to adapt to the person, to offer him a good deal.

He is characterized by increased suggestibility, falls under the hypnosis of eloquent political speakers. Keeps track of his appearance, dresses up.


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