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Humanitarian Socionics


Subtypes in Socionics. Quadra Gamma. Guardian type (ISFJ, Dreiser, ESI) - Creative, Dominant, Normalizing and Harmonizing.

Dominant ISFJ (Guardian, ESI, Dreiser) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Guardian Defender

Has good administrative and economic skills. If necessary, he will protect his loved ones to the end. Economical in the use of resources. He is constantly loaded with some kind of work and demands the same from his loved ones.

In a circle of loved ones, he is expressive and talkative. Keeps loyalty to his family, in which he often takes leadership positions.

Annoyed in situations of uncertainty. Dislikes frequent changes, worries, getting ready for the road. Often, he does the cleaning, in this way he translates his dissatisfaction into a specific matter and gets a release. Trusts only those who have proven themselves in deeds.

Creative ISFJ (Guardian, ESI, Dreiser) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Guardian Equipping

Has a good instinct for people, quickly feels when something isinsincere, or when something is wrong with someone. It's hard to fool him. Knows how to please, adjust to another person in a conversation.

Observant and witty. At the right moment, he can hit the enemy's most vulnerable spot. He expresses his sympathy not in words, but by closing the distance between them, coming closer.

Needs praise and compliments, although he does not like to show it. He tries to be tolerant, so he does not immediately express a negative attitude. In his heart he condemns bad deeds and remembers them for a long time.

Has an ability for needlework and decoration.

Normalizing ISFJ (Guardian, ESI, Dreiser) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Guardian Condemning

Feels good relationships between people. He finishes the work started to an end, otherwise he will worry. Conscientious and obligatory, a man of duty, but he will not sacrifice his personal interests to the team.

Punctual. Constant in his habits and attachments. Appreciates family, loves meeting with relatives. Intolerant of dirt and untidiness.

He sees other people's shortcomings well but does not speak about them unless absolutely necessary. But if negative facts reach a critical mass, they enter a serious conversation with the person. Being offended, he responds in kind to good or evil.

Harmonizing ISFJ (Guardian, ESI, Dreiser) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Guardian Separating

Most of all he values comfort in everyday life and in relationships. Quickly gets used to the new environment if it appeals to him. He is highly sensitive, needs an excuse for his failures. He does not like it when outsiders find him in a bad state.

He appreciates the peace and quiet on his territory. Sudden anger and resistance manifests only when they unceremoniously invade his territory.

Undemonstrative. Among cheerful people he will have fun, among gloomy people he will behave seriously. At first,he seems unapproachable and distrustful, but when you get closer, this feeling disappears. He appreciates beautiful and at the same time functional things.


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