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Subtypes in Socionics. Quadra Delta. Advisor type (ENFP, Huxley, IEE) - Creative, Dominant, Normalizing and Harmonizing

Dominant ENFP (Advisor, IEE, Huxley) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Advisor Enthralling

He tries to cheer everyone up, instill confidence in success. He knows how to overcome obstacles, until the desire has died out, there is the excitement of novelty. In matters important to him, he shows conscientiousness, but he lacks concentration. He is active and mobile, willingly meets and travels.

Consistent in his major decisions. He is not vindictive, but if he is disappointed in a person, he easily removesthem from his life. Knows how to find an approach to almost every person.

Differs in foresight, has a good sense of the prospects for the development of affairs and projects. Negatively refers to stinginess in people.

Creative ENFP (Advisor, IEE, Huxley) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Penetrating Advisor

Understands the abilities of people. Feels well their hidden intentions and motives of behavior.

He needs an influx of new impressions; his vitality wanes from the routine. Interested in everything unusual and mysterious.

Defends his views with enthusiasm. Opponent of hierarchy and respect for rank. He is inclined to periodically change jobs or hobbies in order to test himself in a new business. In extreme situations, he becomes decisive and cold-blooded.

It is difficult for him to prepare for anything in advance, he prefers impromptu actions and improvisation. Poorly distributes events in time.

Normalizing ENFP (Advisor, IEE, Huxley) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Advisor Introducer

He prefers to contact like-minded people, meticulously selects people according to their abilities. Knows how to work to unite small groups, medium-sized teams.

Strives to maintain his appearance, housing and workplace in order. Good attitude towards thoughtful theories and systems, appreciates information presented in a clear and memorable form.

He is condescending to human weaknesses. Forgives a lot over time. Knows how to voice the unspoken between people, putting it into the correct form.

Provides small services. This serves as a way for him to meet and communicate.

Harmonizing ENFP (Advisor, IEE, Huxley) subtype in Humanitarian Socionics

Transforming Advisor

He ponders everything for a long time, trying to understand the distant consequences of the events he has experienced. Self-critical, but at the same time criticism from others hurts him painfully. He has a craving for complex tasks, confusing human situations and destinies.

Impressive and responsive. He sympathizes with people, likes to give them advice in difficult life situations. Anticipates dangers, does not get very upset about failures.

He limits his contacts, since the overflow of impressions inhibits his mental activity. Knows how to sort out complex information or technology, and then present it in his own way.



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