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The world's first dating app based on socionics is here! Make an informed choice of a partner!

In the Meetch app, you can search for a partner, friend, representative of any socionic type near you and around the world! The app was developed in Finland by developers passionate about socionics in collaboration with the School of Humanitarian Socionics and Viktor Gulenko personally.

Here is a short overview video teaser of the app.

In the app you immediately get a forecast, an approximate possible scenario of relations that you will have with other types. You don’t have to go through endless trial and error in choosing a partner anymore! A bad experience can be avoided by knowing in advance what problems are coming in the relationship.

In the app, you can communicate with all personality types, for this you need a match (like each other in the app). Make sure to pay attention to your duals, semi-duals and mirage partners (TOP 3 for personal relationships). And also you will be able to communicate with or look at personality types that you share conflict, revision and identity types of relationships of different ages from all over the world.

How to use the app, watch another tiny overview video.

The application is optimized for iOS and Android devices, available for download in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Download links:

Google Play:

App Store:

Warning! Victor Gulenko is not the author of the test in the Meetch app and is not responsible for the test results. Keep in mind that no tests can guarantee that the type will be determined correctly, since all tests are dependent on self-assessment, which significantly affects the result and is not always objective! Also, in tests for the socionic type, it is quite difficult to distinguish the influence of subtypes, accentuated functions, to take into account all the complexity and dynamics of the development of the human psyche.

In order to guarantee that the type of person is identified correctly, the application provides for verification, during which the type of person is already determined personally by Viktor Gulenko.

Recommendation! Look for verified users of the app and ensure this status for yourself – such a “blue checkmark” status guarantees that the user type is verified and confirmed by the best socionist of our time, the creator of Humanitarian Socionics with more than 30 years of experience in socionics, Viktor Gulenko. Only in this dating app Meetch, thanks to verification, you will be sure that you are communicating with exactly the type you want, and you are not wasting your precious time on a fictional character or on a person whose type, for example, is incorrectly determined by themselves based on self-esteem. As well as type verification, it will provide your account with the first positions in the search.

Please keep in mind! Meetch is a new app, we are growing day by day and with your help we can make sure everyone can meet their match. Share the app with your friends, family and anyone you think might be interested in Socionics. Our goal is to help build better relationships based on understanding yourself and how you relate to others. Communication is a skill that can only be improved with practice. So come join us and we can practice together.

Your good review and 5 stars in App Store and Google Play is very much appreciated. It helps more people to see the app!

If you have questions, suggestions or have any problems with the app do not hesitate to contact us via or

Download, register and communicate efficiently!

Always yours,
School of Humanitarian Socionics



04.09.2021 08:14
Здравствуйте! Как зайти в приложение, если утерян пароль?


28.08.2021 15:51
Джекиня познакомлюсь для дальнейшего общения с Драй пишите инсту @precrasnyi_den


22.07.2021 13:37
А почему нет русскоязычной версии приложения? Вы переехали в Англию?


19.07.2021 19:06
Познакомлюсь с Еськой. Жук. Пишите на почту


08.07.2021 15:17
Приложение работает только с сервисами гугл( я Джек Лондон, инстаграм: albina_phoenix


05.07.2021 07:42
А что на счёт версии для ПК ?
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