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Activation relations - Intertype relations in Humanitarian Socionics

Activation relationships - these relationships are the easiest, communication is established almost immediately. There are no difficulties in communication, which at first pleasantly surprises. Partners like to warm each other up, encourage each other's activity. In activation relationships, communication, especially with favorable subtypes, is very attractive. Contact is established here faster than with the dual. However, over time, there is "overheating", fatigue from a partner who constantly activates you. In this case, you need to move away from it. After a while, it feels like you want to experience the activation again. Activation relationships can become wave-like.

However, such pleasantness and ease of communication, which is very much appreciated on vacation, is replaced by problems when partners take up joint daily affairs. It is unpleasant that partners start giving each other advice on weak functions, instead of taking these problems upon themselves. However, the benefits of such verbal instructions cannot be denied. The only bad thing is that, no matter how you disparage your weak qualities, you will still not be able to develop them in yourself as you would like.

Another difficulty in the activation relationship is that the activators do not transmit each other's information in the form in which they would like to hear it. To one, it seems too vague, indistinct, and to another, on the contrary, too rough, grounded, shallow. This is due to the fact that in the activation pair, one person is always rational, and the other is always irrational. However, the content of the information itself suits each other.

Activation relationships are not well suited for everyday life, because they do not provide optimal life activity. Their purpose is to communicate on holidays or in general in their free time, when you need to relax, and not work. Two dual dyads, meeting each other, thanks to the relations of activation, experience a feeling of pleasant excitement and elation, and a "festive" atmosphere is created.

Overly close and prolonged contact drains the activators. In an activation relationship, it is difficult to do one thing together because of the unreliability and unpredictability of the partner. Everyone does their own thing, completely regardless of the partner. In fact, you can never fully rely on each other. The term "activation" in the full sense is suitable for two introverts who really become more active and open together. For two extroverts, it seems to act with the opposite sign: it calms, cools, and introverts this couple.


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