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Jennifer Parker. Feedback on type diagnostics from Viktor Gulenko. Humanitarian Socionics

26 августа 2020 г.

Описание полного видео:
Thanks, Jennifer! It was so nice to meet you! Any person can be diagnosed at the School of Humanitarian Socionics and find out all the features of his personality - type, subtype, enhanced functions.

Did you know that taking into account the subtype for compatibility in the family and productivity at work is even more important than the type? And that during the course of your life your type cannot change, but it can. You can also voluntarily strengthen and weaken the functions in yourself.

And yet, do you mean that a strong function in a person does not mean that it is the first, basic type? If all this is new and interesting for you, we should get acquainted!

Contact us and we will arrange diagnostics for you personally by Victor Gulenko - online or at a meeting in Kiev. More details here - https://socioniks.net/article/?id=210

And for those who speak English, we can offer type diagnostics via video. Interesting? For details here - https://socioniks.net/article/?id=273

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