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Typing for native speakers of any language! Find out your type and subtype from Viktor Gulenko

We provide personality type diagnostics for socionics lovers from any country speaking any language! For those who speak English - just record your self-presentation video. And for those who do not speak English - record your self-presentation video in your native language and send us a transcript of it.

We will translate your transcription to understand you, and we will be able to observe all nonverbal reactions from the video, which will allow us to accurately determine the type and subtype, confirm or refute our hypotheses.

And through additional individual questions and your second video, we will be able to further clarify and recheck everything in order to make the right conclusion about your type and subtype, and give brief recommendations on choosing directions in the profession and give short recommendations on correcting your current condition or further self-development, if necessary.

How to make your self-presentation video for typing?

You should record video interview (5-7 minutes) on which your face should be clearly visible. Please try to have good lighting, sound, and it is desirable that gestures and hands are visible.

This video should contain answers on such questions:

1. What is your profession and what do you currently do?

2. Do you like your job and why exactly?

3. What hobbies do you have?

4. Tell about your family.

5. Make a self-assessment and tell about your strong and weak qualities.

By that video Viktor Gulenko makes first hypothesis. Usually people at first glance might look like two types!

So, what’s next?

We will send you several additional questions. You will record second video (up to 10 minutes) that show us clearly what type, subtype and accentuated function have you got.

Our analysis is based not only on what you are saying but also how you doing that, by observing your appearance, facial expressions, eye movement, voice tone and other non-verbal reactions.

The highest level professional with more than 30 years of experience Viktor Gulenko will discover all specific traits of your multi-level psyche: type, subtype and accentuated function.

The result of the diagnostic will be send to you by email with explanations how the videos showed your temperament and attitude.

It would also be great to know your feedback on typing. Like this.

By the way the founder of our Humanitarian socionic’s school Viktor Gulenko was studying the science of socionics at first-hands –from Aushra Augustinavichute herself. So you can be sure that your diagnostic will be done by a high level professional.

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30.08.2023 16:03
Hi, I’d like to be typed by Gulenko.

Anastasiia (admin)

19.04.2022 13:36
You can upload your video to YouTube Channel (with access via link) or Google Drive, DropBox and send us the link. Payment possible via PayPall. For more information, please, - contact us

Kate Kotora

29.09.2021 21:54
Hello, I would like to purchase a video typing session. Where should I send my first video and how can I pay? Thank you! Kate Kotora

Maggie Koch

15.06.2021 03:38
Is he LSI?

Anastasiia (admin)

29.12.2020 10:32
Feedback from Nathan about the type diagnostics by video from Victor Gulenko - https://www.youtube.com/embed/VbjchQOPuJ0

Anastasiia (admin)

16.12.2020 19:49
Feedback from Viktor about the type diagnostics by video from Victor Gulenko - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYjnJbZ3A00

Anastasiia (admin)

26.08.2020 20:26
Feedback from Jennifer Parker about the type diagnostics by video from Victor Gulenko - https://socioniks.net/freevideo/?id=59

Anastasiia (admin)

08.06.2020 14:36
Feedback from Kristen from Canada about the type diagnostics by video from Victor Gulenko - https://socioniks.net/freevideo/?id=50


31.05.2019 17:11
As far as I understand, he is "Critic" (analog in MBTI is INTP).


26.04.2019 20:11
So.. what was his type?
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